Friday, April 9, 2010


My burning stigma
Effaced by her touch
A headless horseman
On a gothic painting
Passed through
Our aroused silence
She embraced me
Escaping from the chill

My body taut
Fingers entwined to
A ball of fire
Ignited by her red nail polish
Breasts on my chest
Her heart
A primeval drum
Pounding with the rhythm of
Our mating dance

I kissed her nape
Breathe the scent
Molecules of desire
Loneliness and sweat
Eyes closed
I stood on the shadows
Hearing only
What her body told me

I wanted to swim
Across her body
She understood
Her hands encircled
My neck to drop me
Into her ocean

We kissed
A burning tongue
Etching her shape on
My abdomen walls
I lost her there, but
I know she is waiting
A half-moon on
A pedestal of darkness