Monday, December 15, 2008


Last night
My daughter drew
A twin mountain
Out of an ‘m’

A sun shining
In between
Her smile lit up
The entire room

I first took her
In my hands tiny
Now grown up
To this four year old

Amazing, how fast
A small curve of a letter
Grow into a mountain
Inside a kid

Friday, December 12, 2008

I pain for a pain

I pain for a pain
That is not a pain
A pain then is not a pain
Till another pain defeat
A pain reside inside burning

I pain for a pain
That is not yet a pain
I pain for a cold pain
That doesn’t hurt
Then I pain some more
My pain doesn’t hurt

I pain for a pain
Sharp and transparent
Steep and spiral
Hellfire and an ocean

I pain then for a pain
That is not yet born
Till my being metamorphosed
To a pain long described
By a holy book

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Undeniable Ecstasy

Search for me
Under the bridges
Under the streetlamps
Under the silence
My long legs
For you to walk
My beehive to hide
From the dark Gods of
Your mountain
My lips
Glossy in this dark
Slippery for your taste

This street
A nightclub of
Criss-cross bodies

Make love to me here
Even if
I am afraid of
Creeping smells
Your eyes
Decayed tooth and

Engulf me with your lust
So pure, absolute and original
It is me and you
Under this rusty bridge

In our only place of undivided attention
In our only moment of undeniable ecstasy